It is my pleasure to welcome you to our institution website. Every year we await new batch of enthusiastic students from nearby schools and neighbouring districts. We pursue the Sanskrit phrase found in Hindu texts such as Maha Upanishad “ Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” and therefore we liberate them to learn in a serene and stress free environment to realize their full potential. With a very rich and highly trained teaching strength we make sure that each student receives proper attention and at the same time we strongly emphasize on students’ attendance in the classes too. Basic infrastructural aspects like class room, laboratory, library, electricity, drinking water, washrooms etc. are maintained with top – notch priority.
I use this platform to appeal to all the teachers, non – teaching staff members, the students, the guardians and all other well wishers to come forward and help me to build this institution and take it to greater heights of academic excellence. With a dedicated team work and a combined effort the journey
ahead will be smooth and meaningful. Let us work together an extra mile to strengthen the foundation of this Institution.
On behalf of the entire teaching and non – teaching community of DIET, Hooghly, I extend my best wishes to all the students for a successful journey with intellectual growth, personal development and memorable experiences.

 -Sunanda Roy